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Name:Uchiha Itachi
Series: Naruto
Name: Uchiha Itachi
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Rank: Godaime Hokage
History: This is a non-massacre AU.
In this Itachi's world, he got his orders from Danzo but did not immediately move to carry them out, instead going directly to the Hokage to make his plea beforehand, because he did not want to risk Sasuke being in danger since he knew he would be unable to kill him.

On hearing about the orders, the Hokage was appalled, but knew the source of them, as well as the reasoning behind them. Instead of revoking them outright, he gave Itachi a choice. Either he could carry through with the orders, on an assurance of Sasuke's safety, or he could do something for him.

That something was to make it clear to the Uchiha that Itachi was going to be the next Hokage, however, the orders would be standing, and should the clan make a move to attack, it would be Itachi's responsibility to stop them. There were several close calls, but he managed to placate the clan an additional two years until Sarutobi stepped down while Itachi was fifteen.

There was, unfortunately, many problems with the clan even after this due to Madara's influence, however, Itachi managed to keep it to a minimum loss of life. Only those few who were at the core of the unrest were taken care of, and the problems quickly ground to a stop after, with Mikoto taking the clan in hand due to her eldest having other duties and her youngest being too young still after Fugaku died.

Now, two years after his appointment, Itachi has had to deal with no small amount of political maneuvering, however, he's slowly been chipping at the council's power as he simply does not trust them after the orders they gave him that fateful night. So far, it has been successful, but he still has much to do, and many policies to overturn. Still, the ninja of his village respect him, and peace has, so far, been maintained.

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